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Kamala Harris says Donald Trump remind her "The small dude from wizard of Oz"

Kamala Harris said in third Democratic debats that Donald Trump reminds her of the small dude behind the curtin from the wizard of Oz.

Sen. Kamala Harris while she was discussing trade policy in third democratic debate she said President Trump reminds her the man behind the curtain in “The Wizard of Oz”. Harris said during the debate on the topic of trade policy she said "we also need to partner with China on climate, we need to partner with China on the issue of North Korea." She added about Donald Trump in here speech regarding the trade policy, she said," Donald Trump in office about the trade policy, you know he reminds me that guy in the wizard of Oz, when you pull back the curtin its a really smart dude".

The wizard of Oz

President Donald Trump strode into a Republican gathering halfway across the country in Baltimore unashamed to show up in a city he’d called “rat-infested” a few weeks ago. He trotted out the set of derogatory nicknames he's rolled out over months of re-election rallies — "Sleepy Joe," "Pocahontas," "Crazy Bernie" — while warning that a “grim specter of socialism is descending on the Democrat Party,” full of radicals who will destroy America's economic and physical security.

Amid the early sparring over health care, Sen. Kamala Harris of California zeroed in on the field's joint challenge: directing the conversation back to the president they were auditioning to replace. reported by NBC.

"Here's the thing. Everybody on this stage, I do believe, is well intentioned and wants that all Americans have coverage and recognizes that right now 30 million Americans don't have coverage," she said. "But at least five people have talked, some repeatedly on this subject, and not once have we talked about Donald Trump."

n Baltimore, Trump had his own mocking jabs ready on the same situation. He again acted out an imaginary negotiating session with the Chinese leader to make the case that he was the leader best-suited for the role: Xi, he said, was "a furious kind of a guy. Great guy. He’s dying to see ... he wants Sleepy Joe."

"Here's Sleepy Joe, 'Wha? Where am I? Where am I?'" he said, trying to imitate Biden discussing a potential deal. Xi, said Trump, would just say "just sign here, Sleepy Joe."