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Donald Trump: US is ready for war more than any other country in the "history of any history"

Donald Trump said US is more ready for war than any other country in the history of any history.

Patrick Semansky/AP

The president of the United States Donald Trump made a claim a day earlier while having a meeting with the Crown Prince of Bahrain. Trump said that the United States is ready for war more than any other country in the history of war. In a response to a question asked by a reporter Donald Trump said that;

” The United States is more prepared than any country in the history of--of in any history if we have to go that way, as to whether or not we go that way, we will see, we have to find out who did it”

In a reply to a question asked at White House that whether he is still willing to meet with the Iranian President Rouhani, Trump said "Well, you know, there were always conditions ... the sanctions are not going to be taken off,"

President Trump was asked whether Iran was behind the attacks on Saudi oil facilities, Donald Trump said we don’t know yet soon we find out any information we will let you know.

Donald Trump on Sunday in his tweet gave indications about a new war for oil in the Middle East after the drone attack on Saudi oil supply. Donald Trump said that we need verification from the Saudi Prince and waiting to hear from them as who they believe was after the attack and also we will ask them under what term we would proceed. 

Donald Trump is still waiting for confirmation from the Saudi whether who will they choose to blame for the attack and then the United States will act according to the direction of Saudi leadership.

A reporter asked in a question that whether Donald Trump thinks that it is the Royal leadership responsibility to defend their own country, Donald Trump replied that,"The Saudis are going to have a lot of involvement in this if we decide to do something , and that includes payment and they understand that fully,"

Trump gave indication to spark another war in Middle East, awaiting instruction from Saudi leadership